Open Space

Here I am sitting, staring blankly on the screen with my fingertips on the keyboard for the first time in almost 4 months. It takes me so much time to come back and actually write something not because I am busy with work, family or my social life but mainly because this space, this blog makes me feel so vulnerable. Everybody would or may agree with me when I say, vulnerability is a scary word. 

I’ve always enjoyed the bravery that comes out of vulnerability. I am an open space. I love taking risks. I have fear of uncertainties but would bet on them anyway. It is easy for me to make friends because I let people see through me. Brene’ Brown once said, being vulnerable out loud is one of the toughest things you can do. That emotional exposure is not equal to weakness. Yes, vulnerability is beautiful. But not all the time. 

Per experience, keeping yourself open gives a lot of people the chance to attack you. They will find a way to reject, betray and destroy you. And that is the sad truth. I’ve taken quite a few hits and believe me, it can be so frustrating and emotionally draining.  But if there is one thing I became fully aware of, it is that I am a strong person because I always stand back up. And by doing so, I realized that I am not so vulnerable after all. 

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