Thursday Thoughts

Just thinking of the best title for this post took a good one hour thought.  Is it because I am writing this at 12:18  in the morning without a dose of coffee, or is it because I am feeling scatterbrained lately? So be kind to me and let me use one of Instagram’s best hashtags.

I have been thinking a lot about the spatial relationship between my family life, my current projects and my own productivity in my nursing and teaching jobs because all of them, quite suddenly, had meshed together. I have for a while been feeling out of control with all the responsibilities I take on, my inability to stop and say no sometimes. And looking at all of these has somehow impacted my ability to stay focused. 

Luckily, I had the chance to give myself a break even for just a few days. I explored the streets of Chicago and Dayton with my best friends. We all had a great time and made it one for the books. 

Now that I am back, I am quite energized and that has improved my disposition a little. This week is another trying one but I am putting my big-girl pants on again and show up. Everything might not be perfect right now, but I don’t need it to be. 

So let us stop this ranting and move on to a much brighter topic. Apart from being busy, these past few days I have been: 

Reading nothing but my Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing Review Manual by Kim Hutchison. Yup, can be boring as hell sometimes but hey, I’ve got my eye on a prize. Hopefully, it would be mine soon. I have been spending my days off reading this book in a public library near my home. And you know what I just discovered? I find the same people go to libraries every single time! Same faces. 

Listening to Peter Cetera’s Best Hits Playlist on Spotify. I don’t know how many times I raped the replay button on his song “(I Wanna Take) Forever Tonight,” a duet with Crystal Bernard. I love an oldie but goodie. Modern music like techno, hiphop, raps and such doesn’t interest me at all. All it does for me is give me a migraine. Is this a sign? Of getting old?

Watching The Haunting of Hill House. This new scary Netflix series is loosely based on a 1959 novel (same title) by Shirley Jackson. I have never read that book so watching it on TV would be very exciting. I started watching Episode 1 with my friends in Dayton  OH and we can barely open our eyes especially when we were anticipating the appearance of the Bent-Neck Lady. The next episodes after that were a little slow but the story is getting more eerie and I cannot wait until it is riddled with ghosts. 

Thinking about my next travel destination. I am wanting to go somewhere far with Hubby and the kids. We planned on going on a trip to the Midwest last summer but Jaiden had to undergo surgery so we kind of scrapped that out entirely. Going to a warmer place during winter time would be great. 

Hoping for stress-free weekends ahead. Every Friday since the Fall Semester started, I had to sleep early at night to report to my assigned facility by 0645 AM to teach clinical for 8 hours. I have to go home after 3 PM and get about 2 hours sleep and then report to work for a 12-hr night shift. So if this is not stressful enough, I don’t know what is. 

Wanting a Keurig K-Mini Single Serve coffee maker and a pair of petite Figs jogger scrub pants in navy blue for Christmas. What else could a hard-working nurse want? Coffee plus scrubs are perfect. 

Loving to update this blog all the time if I could. But I can’t. 

Wishing and needing all of you to motivate and encourage me so I can do better. 

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