The Day We Bought a House

It’s been a while since I wrote on this blog. A lot happened in the last one and a half years that I was away. I got a new job. Aside from working full time in the hospital, I now teach. Yes, I am teaching Nursing. Hard to believe ey?! Well, believe it.

Also, in November of 2014, Hubby and I finally were able to buy a house. ?No. It is not huge and it is not newly built. I wish it is but I am not willing to break my back from working and be a 30-year slave to a huge mortgage. With the help of our real estate agent Mark Novak, we found a fixer-upper town home/ villa that is nicely located within Baltimore County.

On our first day at our new home, we were dumbfounded and overwhelmed. Everything was too messy and we don’t know where and how to begin. There were sleepless nights as I joggled work, family time and renovations. Day by day we managed to get out of the chaos we placed ourselves into. Hubby did the flooring and painting himself. I was in charge of the interior designing mostly. We kind of mixed modern with rustic. The result? It is not for the magazines, but overall we have received a lot of compliments from family and friends. What is important I guess is we made the place into a home that we always want and wished for.









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