Pushed for the Next

2019 is not over yet but I can already say that it is one of the best years of my life. This is the only year I had set career goals for myself and actually met them.

The specialty certification exam that I burned time on studying for 2 years but didn’t have the motivation to take, I finally took in January and passed.

Then there is the job promotion that has always been there for the taking but it took me a considerable time to reflect on if I want it or not or if it will be worth it. Beyond the perks and the paycheck, will I be able to handle the responsibilities? Am I well-suited to the role? I get crippled with anxiety every time I think of leveling up but with the support of my family, my boss and coworkers, I accepted the challenge. I worked my ass off for months. I even worked days which is unusual for me just to get considered. But I did it. I was promoted to Senior Clinical Nurse in May.

It has not been all peaches and cream since then. Getting promoted has its downside. I’ve always thought a promotion would take away everything I love with work and would increase my stress level at the same time. I still love my work, but my stress level is way beyond it should be. And that’s okay. I am getting used to it. I do travel once in a while to have “mental health breaks.”

I am traveling to New Orleans for the first time next week to present a research poster with a co-worker/friend. Presenting there in the national conference is a first for me too! I’ve booked a hotel which is walking distance from the famous Bourbon and Canal Streets. Not to mention it is also near the French Quarter. NOLA is the melting pot of great culture, good food and traditional jazz music. I can’t wait to take photos and share them with you on this blog.

In November, I will be traveling to Corpus Christi, Texas to see my friends. We will hopefully drive to Houston and San Antonio to see places there. This Texas trip is meant to celebrate our 40th birthdays together. Now that is something to look forward to.

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