Be a Plant Mom They Said

It has been a year since I started taking care of house plants. The main reason I want them in the first place is because they make your space look nice and cozy. And having a father who is into farming, and having a grandmother and several aunts who have been born with green thumbs, I thought I have it in me as well. Oh boy, was I wrong! So here it is. My confession: some of my plants were murdered by no other than myself.

It was so frustrating to see the leaves of my plants turn from lush green to yellow, to brown. And to watch them fall one leaf after another is heart breaking. I couldn’t keep them alive, even the succulents and cacti. People say they are the easiest plants to take care of. That is a LIE. I managed to kill them too.

Growing plants inside your home is not easy. Like a pet, it will need a lot of care and your attention. There are a lot of things you need to consider like the source and amount of light in your home, watering, potting mixes to use, fertilizing, humidity, etc, etc.

I have a couple of plants that stayed alive though. They gave me hope that probably I would eventually be good at taking care of them as long as I learn how to. I turned to YouTube video tutorials and would watch plant experts and enthusiasts for hours.

Equipped with more knowledge this year, I decided to remain a plant mom. In fact, I got more plants from the nursery the other day. I am not giving up just yet. The fall and winter seasons are the most challenging time I guess when you are taking care of plants. These are the times that it gets cold and you I don’t have enough sunlight coming into my home. I will be crossing my finger and will be hoping for the best.

Here are some of the plants I currently have at home:

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