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The Day We Bought a House

It’s been a while since I wrote on this blog. A lot happened in the last one and a half years that I was away. I got a new job. Aside from working full time in the

First Snowfall of 2014: Winter Storm Hercules

The first winter storm of 2014, Hercules. And as strong as Hercules, this storm brought almost 8 inches of snow in Baltimore.  A day after, we went to our favorite park and actually had a snow day.

Snow Storm Dion

  Snow Storm Dion comes to my part of town. Luckily we only got about 3-4 inches which was not so bad.  The kids went out for a few minutes to play. I couldn’t go out because

RYJM Christmas Tree 2013: Winter Wonder Land

It didn’t take me long to decide which theme I want for my Christmas tree this year. I took inspiration from the countless themed trees I saw from Pinterest and from there I created my own. I

Halloween 2013: Trick or Treat

My Halloween childhood memories do not include trick or treating. It is not a practice in the place where I came from . My son Jaiden and daughter Maya are so lucky they are able to enjoy