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Dino and Nikki’s Wedding

After 17 years of being together, my bestfriends, Dino and Nikki finally decided to tie the knot and I am not missing it for the world. It is one of the best weddings I’ve attended so far.

Happy 7th Birthday Jaiden!

Happy 7th birthday son! Daddy and I love you so much more than you can imagine!      

The King and the Princess

  These are memories that hubby and my baby girl will treasure forever.  

New Year 2014

  We are so thankful for what 2013 had given us and we thank the Lord above for showering us with blessings! As we welcome 2014, we can only hope that everyone have a happy and bountiful

Christmas 2013 Photos

This is our first time to spend Christmas by ourselves. We still miss our families and all but I don’t know, this Christmas was extra special. Just the four of us. And I’m glad I took some