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Jaiden’s 6th Birthday Celebration

  Happy 6th birthday Jaiden! I love you son.    

Hearts and Flowers

The wifey got flowers and the daughter got a teddy bear. Isn’t that sweet?

No and Yes

I only wanted the waffle with fresh strawberries and syrup. The guy from Cipriana’s Cafe asked me if I wanted to add cheese, butter, whip cream and chocolate syrup. I said, “NO.” But after giving it a

Mother and Son

 This is one of those mother and son pictures that you just love to look at every time.  I don’t care how old he gets to be someday, he will still be my baby boy.

Super Bowl XLVII Champions!

I never doubted. I know they will win because these guys deserve it! The Ravens has just won the Super Bowl! The whole city of Baltimore is on cloud 9! What a historical post-season! Haters can now