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The King and the Princess

  These are memories that hubby and my baby girl will treasure forever.  

Christmas 2013 Photos

This is our first time to spend Christmas by ourselves. We still miss our families and all but I don’t know, this Christmas was extra special. Just the four of us. And I’m glad I took some

Halloween 2013: Trick or Treat

My Halloween childhood memories do not include trick or treating. It is not a practice in the place where I came from . My son Jaiden and daughter Maya are so lucky they are able to enjoy

New York City: Maya’s 3rd Birthday Celebration

My beautiful princess turned 3 years old today. And she celebrated in the city that never sleeps…New York! I am still teary-eyed whenever I remember my thoughts years ago, that my soon to be daughter will be

Mother’s Day 2013

Since all of my days are my kids’ days, we decided to celebrate Mother’s Day at Chuck E Cheese, Eastern Ave, Baltimore, MD. I gave my kids a big treat: a large cheese pizza, unlimited sodas and