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RYJM Christmas Tree 2013: Winter Wonder Land

It didn’t take me long to decide which theme I want for my Christmas tree this year. I took inspiration from the countless themed trees I saw from Pinterest and from there I created my own. I

My TechnoMarine Yoyos!

        There are so many Swiss watches in the market today, but I super love TechnoMarine for it’s strong structure design and playful aura.

Stress Relief: Aromatherapy

  I am a Bath and Body Works fan. Though I’m not a scent expert, I can surely tell you the smell of this lotion is invigorating! It is strong yet very relaxing and calming. It should

SnipSnap and Freebies

Have you heard of SnipSnap? It is a pretty good smart phone app for shopaholics. Install the app and just type in the name of the store you want to go to and it’ll provide you with


Mother’s Day is fast approaching. I thought make-up would be a good gift for my mother-in-law. I was kind of disappointed they don’t sell MAC’s customized eye shadow palette in ¬†Macys, White Marsh. I bought me a