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Early Christmas Gift for Dad

    The perfect gift for my Dad, a laptop. I remember when I was a kid, he uses the typewriter a lot. Now that technology has evolved, I hope he learns how to use this to

My TechnoMarine Yoyos!

        There are so many Swiss watches in the market today, but I super love TechnoMarine for it’s strong structure design and playful aura.

Point and Shoot No More

After days of reading reviews online, asking friends and family for tips and after pestering me everyday, Hubby got what he wanted. Since Canon will be releasing new products anytime, prices of their previous products are dropping

New Year, New Wheels

So the discussion about what car to get finally ended. Hubby and I decided to get the Chevy Equinox 2013 after lusting with the Chevrolet Traverse and the Nissan Pathfinder 2013. Getting a cheaper car with the

Samsung Rewards

  And so buying a Samsung Galaxy Note II full price can attract freebies after all. I got an original Samsung flip cover worth $40 and a 5-pack programmable tectiles all for free. I can’t complain. Sweet!